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Friday, April 5, 2013

We're still here and doing great!

I know its been forever!!  ...I told myself I wouldn't blog until I got caught up on the girls' photo albums and a few other things.  But thats not happening too fast so if I keep waiting for that to happen the blog will never be touched again.  My girls are so much fun and getting so big so I decided I needed to take a minute to give you a quick update (with pictures from my phone because I'm on my laptop and don't have any pictures from the camera on here but its better than nothing and I just wanted to share a few of these fun times.)  Life is good at our house.  We just had a wonderful Easter and are so excited to have warm weather and summer right around the corner!  Tax season is in full swing and I am counting down the days for the end of April to get here so we can get Shane back to a normal schedule.  I have been working a ton too, its crazy busy at Destination Homes.  Between work and Young Womens stuff I am constantly trying to find a balance life.  We had fantastic holidays and we are now LOVING the warm weather and as you can see from the pictures the girls love to play outside.  Makena and Marli are the sweetest sisters, they play so good with each other and make life so exciting and fun!  Makena is 4 and is thrilled to be starting Kindergarten in August!  She is doing great in preschool and about a month ago we started her in violin lessons.  She is doing AMAZING!  Its LOTS of work but Shane and I both feel it will be worth it and I can already see how it is helping her to concentrate and stretching her abilities in such a good way.  She is picking it up so quickly and I can see how proud she is when she shows other people how she can play!  Marli is 20 months old!  My baby is growing so fast.  She is a hoot!  We love that little girl so much.  She knows what she wants and is a happy, funny kid.  We are looking forward to a vacation to New York in May to go see my brother graduate Dentil School and visit New York City!  Here are a few fun pictures of the girls... 

Love bath time!  Our sweet Marli.

Best Friends! 

We moved Makena to a booster seat and Marli into the big carseat in February.  Both girls are happy with their new seats, they both feel so big and Marli loves being able to see out the window.  They love sitting together back there.

Making cookings.  Makena loves to help in the kitchen.  She is a great helper!

Always happy to have a treat!  Marli is our sweet tooth, she ALWAYS wants a treat!

Fun times with Grandma!!

Crazy Hair!  They love playing in the bath!

Marli's 18 month check up at the doctor.  She is tiny for her age, only in the 2nd percentile for weight.  She was only about 19 pounds.  She makes up for it with spunky personality though! 

Makena playing her violin!!!  We are so proud of her hard work.  Her violin is so tiny, its the cutest thing ever!

Crusin' in the jeep Santa brought them for Christmas. 

Fun times outside!  Finally!

I can tell Makena is getting older because all she ever wants to do is play with friends (I just don't cut it for her anymore)  She is quite the social butterfly around our neighborhood. 

Even though Marli got a little tricycle from the Easter Bunny she still prefers to ride on Makena's bike with Makena's helmet.  She wants to do anything and everything her big sister does!

Makena loves her bike as much as her dad loves his!  We are a biking family!  Good times!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


In June we took a much needed family vacation to DISNEY LAND!  Funnest trip!!  We loved every minute of it.  We went with Shane's dad and also his sister, Trish and her family.  Makena just loved being with the cousins so much and we did so many things.  We went to the beach one day and even made it to Sea World for a day.  We were there the day Cars Land opened in California Adventure which was very exciting, it was crazy busy so we didn't ride the new rides but we got to see them and it was pretty neat.  I love Disney Land and can't wait to go back.  Makena and Marli did so good on the long drives and were great girls the whole time.  When Marli would get tired we would just lay the stroller back and put a blanket over it and she went right to sleep, I couldn't believe it.  Makena really liked meeting the characters, one of the best things we did was a lunch where the princesses come around to your table to meet you, Makena was in heaven! The food was way good too so that made it even better for me and Shane.  It was a wonderful trip that we will always remember.  Here are some pics of the fun times! (Sorry there are LOTS of pics...I had a hard time narrowing them down)

Some fun memories!

The last few months have been filled with lots of fun things! I don't really know where to start so here is a quick glance at a few of these fun times: We went to the Baby Animal Petting Zoo at "This is the Place Park" in May. It was such a fun family day together, the girls loved the animals, riding the train and just walking around checking things out.

Makena had her dance recital in May too. She looked adorable in her costume and did awesome on her dance. She is becoming such a great little dancer and wasn't even nervous to go up on stage this year. An extra plus was that she got to dance with her baby doll for her recital, she was so happy about that. I was such a proud mama of my cute girl!!

City Creek with Grandpa Wilding! We had a yummy breakfast and went on a fun little "hike".
So far our summer days have been filled with lots of playing, walks, bike rides, swimming, swinging, friends and SMILES! Love these girls!